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Expanded cinema

Print Book, English, 2020
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Fordham University Press, New York, 2020
xxxii, 449 Seiten : Illustrationen
9780823287420, 0823287424
List of Illustrations | ixIntroduction to the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition | xiiiIntroduction by R. Buckminster Fuller | 15Inexorable Evolution and Human Ecology by R. Buckminster Fuller | 37Preface | 41Part One: The Audience and the Myth of Entertainment | 45Radical Evolution and Future Shock in the Paleocybernetic Era | 50The Intermedia Network as Nature | 54Popular Culture and the Noosphere | 57Art, Entertainment, Entropy | 59Retrospective Man and the Human Condition | 66The Artist as Design Scientist | 70Part Two: Synaesthetic Cinema: The End of Drama | 75Global Closed Circuit: The Earth as Software | 78Synaesthetic Synthesis: Simultaneous Perception of Harmonic Opposites | 81Syncretism and Metamorphosis: Montage as Collage | 84Evocation and Exposition: Toward Oceanic Consciousness | 92Synaesthetics as Kinaesthetics: The Way of All Experience | 97Mythipoeiai: The End of Fiction | 106Synaesthetics and Synergy | 109Synaesthetic Cinema and Polymorphous Eroticism | 112Synaesthetic Cinema and Extra-Objective Reality | 122Image-Exchange and the Post-Mass Audience Age | 128Part Three: Toward Cosmic Consciousness | 1352001: The New Nostalgia | 139The Stargate Corridor | 151The Cosmic Cinema of Jordan Belson | 157Part Four: Cybernetic Cinema and Computer Films | 179The Technosphere: Man/Machine Symbiosis | 180The Human Bio-Computer and His Electronic Brainchild | 183Hardware and Software | 185The Aesthetic Machine | 189Cybernetic Cinema | 194Computer Films | 207Part Five: Television as a Creative Medium | 257The Videosphere | 260Cathode-Ray Tube Videotronics | 265Synaesthetic Videotapes | 281Videographic Cinema | 317Closed-Circuit Television and Teledynamic Environments | 337Part Six: Intermedia | 345The Artist as Ecologist | 346World Expositions and Nonordinary Reality | 352Cerebrum: Intermedia and the Human Sensorium | 359Intermedia Theatre | 365Multiple-Projection Environments | 387Part Seven: Holographic Cinema: A New World | 399Wave-Front Reconstruction: Lensless Photography | 400Dr. Alex Jacobson: Holography in Motion | 404Limitations of Holographic Cinema | 407Projecting Holographic Movies | 411The Kinoform: Computer-Generated Holographic Movies | 414Technoanarchy: The Open Empire | 415Selected Bibliography | 421Index | 427