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The ethical life : fundamental readings in ethics and moral problems

Russ Shafer-Landau (Editor)
"A compact yet thorough collection of readings in ethical theory and contemporary moral problems - at the best price"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2021
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Oxford University Press, New York, 2021
xiii, 526 pages ; 21 cm
9780190058241, 9780190058258, 0190058242, 0190058250
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Part I. The good life. Hedonism / John Stuart Mill ; The experience machine / Robert Nozick ; Faring well and getting what you want / Chris Heathwood ; The elements of well-being / Brad Hooker ; Happiness and meaning: two aspects of the good / Susan Wolf
Part II. Normative ethics : theories of right conduct. Euthyphro / Plato ; Natural law / Thomas Aquinas ; Utilitarianism / John Stuart Mill ; The good will and the categorical imperative / Immanuel Kant ; Leviathan / Thomas Hobbes ; What makes right acts right? / W.D. Ross ; Nicomachean ethics / Aristotle ; What is feminist ethics? / Hilde Lindemann
Part III. Metaethics : the status of morality. Moral distinctions not derived from reason / David Hume ; The subjectivity of values / J. L. Mackie ; Ethics and observation / Gilbert Harman ; Trying out one's new sword / Mary Midgley ; Why I am an objectivist about ethics (and why you are, too) / David Enoch ; Moral Knowledge / Sarah McGrath
Part IV. Moral problems. What will future generations condemn us for? / Kwame Anthony Appiah ; Poverty and hunger. The Singer solution to world poverty / Peter Singer ; A Kantian approach to famine relief / Onora O'Neill ; Euthanasia and a modest proposal. The morality of euthanasia / James Rachels ; The survival lottery / John Harris ; Animals. Against the moral standing of animals ; The moral status of animals. Puppies, pigs and people : eating meat and marginal cases / Alastair Norcross ; The environment. The public and private morality of climate change / John Broome ; Ideals of human excellence and preserving natural environments / Thomas Hill, Jr. ; Abortion. A defense of abortion / Judith Jarvis Thomson ; Why abortion is immoral / Don Marquis ; Abortion and the doctrine of the double effect / Philippa Foot ; The death penalty. Justifying legal punishment / Igor Primoratz ; An eye for an eye? / Stephen Nathanson ; Guns. Why gun 'control' is not enough / Jeff McMahan ; Is there a right to own a gun? / Michael Huemer ; The legacy of racism. Letter from Birmingham City jail / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; Affirmative Action : bad arguments and some good ones / Daniel M. Hausman ; The future of racial integration / Elizabeth Anderson ; Drugs. In favor of drug decriminalization ; Against the legalization of drugs / Peter de Marneffe