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Merchant sailing ships, 1850-1875 : heyday of sail

Print Book, English, 1984
Conway Maritime Press : Lloyd's of London Press, London, 1984
256 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
9780851773162, 0851773168
Free trade 1850-1875
Changing patterns in shipbuilding
The Australian gold-rush
Repeal of the Navigation Acts
Sail versus steam
Square rigged ships of over 300 tons 1850-1860
Appraisal of cargo carrier design
Alexander Stephen & Sons of Dundee and Glasgow
The iron barque Edmund Preston
Shipbuilding on the Clyde
Shipbuilders on the Wear and Tyne
Deck fittings of the Ravensworth
Shipbuilders of north-west England
Mersey shipbuilders and the Aphrodita
James Hodgson of Liverpool
Shibuilders of southern England
Donald McKay of Boston and William Webb of New York
Shipbuilders of Saint John, New Brunswick
Blackwall passenger frigates
Ship design in the 1850's
James Laing aqnd the Dunbar
Alexander Stephen's frigates
End of the frigates
Small square riggers and fore-and-aft 1850-1865
Brigs and brigantines
J & J Hair of Newcastle
John Gray of Newhaven
Alexander Stephen's iron and composite brigs and schooners
Small barques
Design of schooners
Matthew Simpson's schooners and the Express
Three-masted schooners
Three-masted two-topsail schooners
Jackass barks or barquettas
Ketches, sloops and barges
Square rigged ships of over 300 tons 1860-1875
Jones, Quiggin & Co of Liverpool and the Formby
Shipbuilding in northern Europe
Alexander Stephen & Sons of Glasgow and Dundee
Barclay, Curle & Co and other shipbuilders on the Clyde
Shipbuilders at Aberdeen
William and John Pile in north-east England
Other shipbuilders in Great Britain
Shipbuilding in America
Dismasting of large iron sailing ships
Small square riggers and fore-and-aft 1865-1875
Some brigs compared
Small barques and the Belle of Lagos
William H Nevill of Llanelly
Three-masted schooner Metero
J & W A Upham of Brixham
Jackass barques listed
Ketches, sloops and barges