Front cover image for New security challenges in postcommunist Europe : securing Europe's East

New security challenges in postcommunist Europe : securing Europe's East

A comprehensive analysis of the new security challenges facing the countries of postcommunist Europe a decade after the collapse of communism in central and eastern Europe and the break-up of the Soviet Union. Includes studies of political and economic transformation, and the role of the EU.
Print Book, English, 2002
Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2002
256 p. ; 24 cm.
9780719061318, 9780719061325, 0719061318, 0719061326
Introduction - thinking about security in postcommunist Europe, Derek Averre & Andrew Cottey; Rethinking the record of NATO enlargemen t, Stuart Croft; Security governance and the excluded states of postcommunist Europe, Mark Webber; German security policy towards Central Europe, Vladimir Handl, Kerry Longhurst & Marcin Zaborowski; Nuclear-weapon-free Ukraine - between the two poles of power, Sergiy P. Galaka; Russia 's defence diplomacy in Europe - containing threat without confrontation, Viktor Kremenyuk; New thinking in conflict management, Dov Lynch; The keystone in the arch - inclusion, democracy promotion and universalism in Central and Eastern Europe, Richard Sakwa; The challenge of 'soft security" - crime, corruption and chaos, Mark Galeotti; Economic security in postcommunist Europe, James Sperling; European security in the twenty-first century - towards a stable peace order?, Adrian Hyde-Price.