Front cover image for Echo tree : the collected short fiction of Henry Dumas

Echo tree : the collected short fiction of Henry Dumas

Henry Dumas (Author), Eugene Redmond (Editor), John Keene (Writer of introduction)
"Henry Dumas's fiction is a masterful synthesis of myth and religion, culture and nature, mask and identity. From the Deep South to the simmering streets of Harlem, his characters embark on surreal and mythic quests armed with only their wit, words, and wisdom. With an astonishing ear for language, Dumas creates a mythology of the psychological, spiritual, and political development of African American culture by interweaving elements of Christian metaphor, African tradition, southern folklore, American music and America's history of slavery and endemic racism. Although championed by many great writers of his generation, Dumas's books have long been out of print"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2021
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Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2021