Front cover image for Harm reduction : pragmatic strategies for managing high-risk behaviors

Harm reduction : pragmatic strategies for managing high-risk behaviors

eBook, English, 2012
Guilford Press, New York, 2012
xviii, 396 p. ; 24 cm.
I. Overview of Harm Reduction 1. Current Status, Historical Highlights, and Basic Principles of Harm Reduction, Susan E. Collins, Seema L. Clifasefi, Diane E. Logan, Laura S. Samples, Julian M. Somers, and G. Alan Marlatt 2. Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Andrew Tatarsky and Scott KelloggII. Areas of Concentration in Harm Reduction 3. Harm Reduction for Alcohol Problems, Mary E. Larimer, Tiara M. Dillworth, Clayton Neighbors, Melissa A. Lewis, Heidi D. Montoya, and Diane E. Logan 4. Tobacco: Untapped Potential for Harm Reduction, Carl V. Phillips, Karyn K. Heavner, Paul L. Bergen, and Catherine M. Nissen 5. Harm Reduction and Cannabis, Roger A. Roffman and Robert S. Stephens 6. Reducing Harm Associated with Illicit Drug Use: Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Steroids, and Other Substances, Jason R. Kilmer, Jessica M. Cronce, Scott B. Hunt, and Christine M. Lee 7. Harm Reduction for High-Risk Sexual Behavior and HIV, Michele Peake Andrasik and Ty W. Lostutter 8. Redefining the Treatment of Dual Disorders, Patt DenningIII. Harm Reduction and Special Populations 9. The Need for Culturally Competent Harm Reduction and Relapse Prevention Interventions for African Americans, Michele Peake Andrasik, Briana Woods, and William H. George 10. Harm Reduction among Hispanic and Latino Populations, Arthur W. Blume and Michelle R. Resor 11. Harm Reduction for Asian American and Pacific Islander Populations, Karen Chan Osilla, Eunice C. Wong, and Nolan Zane 12. Adolescent Alcohol-Related Harm Reduction: Realities, Innovations, and Challenges, Adrian KellyIV. The Role of Harm Reduction in U.S. Drug Control Policy 13. Harm Reduction and Public Policy, Justin Walthers, Kenneth R. Weingardt, Katie Witkiewitz, and G. Alan Marlatt This is also available as an e-book from: