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Learning to make a difference value creation in social learning spaces

"In this first volume of our series, we lay a foundation to restate our social learning theory in terms of Learning to make a difference. To this end, we focus on a very specific dimension of the theory: social learning as a form of engagement with others. The notion of mutual engagement, central to social learning, has been part of the theory from the start, but it has been left undertheorized: the processes by which it becomes social learning have not be specified with enough rigor. This book addresses this weakness by developing a more detailed, operationalized view of the nature of mutual engagement in social learning. To this end, we introduce three new conceptual perspectives:"
Print Book, English, 2020
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2020
ix, 279 Seiten
9781108497169, 9781108739535, 1108497160, 1108739539
Prologue: The Difference We Care to Make; Introduction: How to Read this Book; Part I. Foundation: Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces: Part I Section 1. Social Learning Spaces: 1. Social Learning Spaces; 2. What About Communities of Practice?; 3. Social Learning Spaces and Other Structures; Part I Section 2. Value Creation: Agency and Social Learning Modes: 4. The Perspective of Value Creation; 5. Agency and Social Learning Modes; Part II. Framework: Part II Section 1. Generating Value: Value-Creation Cycles: 6. Immediate and Potential; 7. Applied and Realized Value; 8. Enabling and Strategic Value; 9. Orienting and Transformative Value; Part II Section 2. Translating Value: Flows and Loops: 10. Flows into Learning Loops; 11. Flows into Other Social Learning Spaces; Part II Section 3. Framing: Aspirations and Uncertainties: 12. Framing Participation; 13. Framing Value Creation; 14. Conducting a Framing Event; Part II Section 4. Evaluating: Effect and Contribution:15. Effect Data: Deriving and Monitoring Indicators; 16. Contribution Data: Collecting Value-Creation Stories; 17. Consolidating and Integrating the Dataset; 18. The Art of Making Value Visible; Epilogue: An Ongoing Journey.
Includes bibliographical references and index