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Correspondence 1908-1919

Correspondence, 1908-1918, between the Irish agricultural cooperative leader and American conservationist Gifford Pinchot; discussing national politics in Ireland and the United States, and plans for an American agricultural organization, a cooperative business and social organization of farmers. Correspondence, 1911-1919, with Charles McCarthy, Wisconsin legislative reference librarian, discusses the same topics. The Pinchot correspondence covers Pinchot's last years as head of the United States Forest Service and includes a discussion of the changes in forestry on Indian reservations; Pinchot's disagreement with Richard Ballinger, Department of Interior, concerning water power monopolies and water rights; his subsequent dismissal by the Taft administration; his role in the Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson administrations; his private work for the agricultural cooperative movement; his campaign against Boies Penrose for a Senate seat in the 1914 Pennsylvania election; and his support for United States entry into World War I
Archival Material, English, 1908