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Papers of Pauline Newman, 1900-1980

The papers of Pauline Newman consist of a memoir and autobiographical notes, two oral history interviews, diaries, daybooks, and correspondence, including letters from and about Frieda Miller. Reports, correspondence, position papers, articles, and minutes document Newman's work with the WTUL, ILGWU and its health center, the Women's Bureau, and other government agencies. Included is correspondence with Leonora O'Reilly, Rose Schneiderman, Elisabeth Christman and Mary Dreier. Newman's travels through the Midwest, 1911-1918, to organize union locals and strikes are discussed in letters to Schneiderman and in articles Newman wrote. Her articles also reflect her support of protective legislation, equal pay, improved working conditions, and the minimum wage, and her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment. A microfilm of clippings by and about Newman and some photographs are also included
Archival Material, English, 1900