Front cover image for Hornswoggled! : a wacky words whodunit

Hornswoggled! : a wacky words whodunit

Josh Crute (Author), Jennifer Harney (Illustrator)
Deer wakes up to find one of his antlers is missing...and there's a tennis racket in its place? One by one his friends also uncover that their important items from glasses to lucky boots have been swapped with silly, useless replacements like donuts and swim flippers. They've been hornswoggled! (Hornswoggled means tricked.) It's pure poppycock! (Poppycock means nonsense.) Once they gather together to find out what happened, will they find the true thief or be outfoxed? Laugh along with a hilarious cast of animal characters searching for the mysterious trickster in this humorous whodunit bursting with exciting, wacky words that kids will love
Print Book, English, 2021
Page Street Kids, Salem, MA, 2021