Front cover image for Mission in progress : the developing role of women in the church : an SDA perspective from Malawi

Mission in progress : the developing role of women in the church : an SDA perspective from Malawi

Frank Barden Chirwa (Author)
eBook, English, 2020
Mzuni Press, Mzuzu, Malawi, 2020
Mzuni books, no. 45
1 online resource
9789996060434, 9996060438
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Title page
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter 1
Women in the Early SDA Church in Malawi, 1902
The First Foreign Missionary Women
Emily Booth: A Promise Keeping Girl
Encounter with a First Seventh-day Adventist in Malawi
Henrietta Branch and her Daughter Mabel (1902
Foreign Women Missionaries in Educational Work
Mrs C.J. Rogers (1907
Sister E. Edie: Girls School at Malamulo (1913)
Miss Margret Benedict (Mrs M. Gill) (1915-1970) Ruth Foote: Girls' School Director at Malamulo (1940-1960)
Malawian Women in Educational Work
Mrs Ruth Kachelenga Neé Ngaiyaye
Mrs Ellen Tsoka Neé Ngaiyaye
Notable Women in Medical Work
Etta and Ina Austen-Nurses (1910
Irene Fourie: Hydrotherapist (1915
Amy J. Hurlow
Daisy Ingle (1916-1925)
Malawian Women Health Workers (1940-1956)
Offering of Licenses and Credentials to Women
Medical Evangelist Licenses Issued to Women (1955
Notable Malawian Women in Medical Work
Mrs Iness (Inezz) Kachibade
Elizabeth Nyazgambo Missionary Licenses: White Women (1955-1956)
Granting of Ministerial Credentials and MinisterialL icenses: Tribute to Pastors' Wives Contribution
Honorary Ministerial Credentials: A Tribute to Retired Pastors' Wives
Granting of Ministerial Licenses
Mrs Jesse Botomani
Policy in Favour of Retired Pastor's Wives or Widows
Chapter 2
The Role of Women in the Current SDA Church in Malawi
The Position of both Male and Female Members in the Doctrines of the SDA Church
The Doctrine of the Church
Unity in the Body of Christ
The Doctrine of Baptism The Doctrine of the Lord's Supper
The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts
The Priesthood of all Believers
The Doctrine of Creation
The Doctrine of the Sabbath
The Doctrine of Marriage and Family
The Doctrine of Stewardship
Issues of Concern: Leadership and the Subservient Role of Women in the SDA Church in Malawi
Church Deacons and Elders
Pastoral Work and Ordination to Gospel Ministry
Appointment of Departmental Directors
Appointment of the Union, Conference and Field Administrators
Church Conflicts Due to Women's Participation A Wider Context of Conflict in the SDA Church in Malawi
Positive Developments Due to the Women's Ministries Department
The Controversy on Women Preaching from the Main Pulpit
The Extent of the Conflict at Bangwe Church
The Concerned Group's Position on the Bangwe Issue
Naizi SDA Church Prayer House and the Bangwe Issue
Resolutions of the Eastern Africa Division
The Splitting of Mlodza and Chinsapo SDA Churches in Lilongwe
The Recommendation of the Malawi Union Executive Committee
The Appointment of Pastor Dr Saustine Mfune as MalawiUnion President
The Extent of the Conflict in other Parts in Malawi