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"Literature," Progress, and Monsters: What is Electronic Literature?

Author: Godwin, Mary, L.. Ph.D. Institution: Purdue University Degree Received: May 2017 Title: "Literature," Progress, and Monsters: What Is Electronic Literature? Major Professor: Dr. Arkady Plotnitsky Jacques Derrida famously asserts, "The future can only be anticipated in the form of an absolute danger. It is that which breaks absolutely with constituted normality" (Of Grammatology 5). When writing of the 'future' here, Derrida points to a way of thinking "beyond the closure of knowledge," which is to say an absolute danger inasmuch as it betrays all that is by welcoming an unknown and as yet unthought is not. N. Katherine Hayles proclaims electronic literature the future of literature on the strength of its capacity to keep pace with a 'new' digital normality, to anchor a new structural center for 21st century literature and safeguard against an otherwise imposing and dangerous future for study in the humanities--a very different 'danger' than one to which Derrida alludes.^
Thesis, Dissertation, English, 2017
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, Ann Arbor, 2017