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Parable of the sower

Octavia E. Butler (Author), Luke Ives Pontifell (Book designer), Savine MGS Ponitfell (Book designer), Thornwillow Press (Printer, Publisher)
Print Book, English, 2021
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Thornwillow Press, Newburgh, New York, 2021
Dystopian fiction
299 pages : maps ; 24 cm
First published 1993
"This edition was printed in March 2021 and bound at Thornwillow Press in Newburgh, New York. The type was set in Winchester and printed letterpress. This is the 100th imprint of the Press, designed and produced under the direction of Luke Ives Pontifell and Savine MGS Pontifell. The edition is limited to 350 bound in letterpress paper wrappers; 250 bound in half-cloth and letterpress boards; 75 bound in half-Morocco and paste paper boards; and the following patrons' editions: 18 God is Change copies bound in half-Morocco; 4 The Grove copies bound in half-Morocco and wood boards; 18 Destiny copies bound in purple Morocco; 18 Scorched Earth copies bound in black speckled full calf; 7 Hearthstone copies bound in brown speckled full calf set with amber; 3 El Dorado copies bound in fully-gilt scarlet Morocco; 3 The World on Fire copies bound in terracotta Morocco set with jewels; and 5 one of a kind Earthseed copies each with a unique crocheted cover by Irina Martens"--Colophon
Maps, adapted from US Geological Survey maps, showcase the 2020 California wildfires, serving as a visual reminder of the real-life impacts of climate change