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Saint Mary of Egypt : a modern verse life and interpretation

Bonnie Bowman Thurston (Author)
"A modern verse life and accompanying essay reintroduces St. Mary of Egypt's life, with its theological and spiritual implications and its depiction of gender complementarity"-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2021
Cistercian Publications, Athens, Ohio, 2021
Monastic wisdom series, no. 65, number sixty-five
1 online resource.
9780879071219, 0879071214
ContentsAcknowledgments and Thanks Giving ixForeword by Sr. Benedicta Ward, SLG xiiiIntroduction 1The Life of Mary of Egypt: A Summary 9A Modern Verse Life of Mary of EgyptTo the Reader 13Preface 14Mary’s Origins 15Mary in Alexandria 17Mary Explains Why 19Mary Crosses the Sea 20Mary Is Refused Entry 22Mary Beseeches Mary 24The Blessed Virgin Mary Speaks 26Mary Meets Christ’s Cross 28Mary Crosses the Jordan 30Zossima’s Origins 32Zossima at the Jordan Monastery 34The Lion Watches 36The First Encounter 38Mary Confesses to Zossima 40Zossima’s Response 42Mary Remembers Her Tears 44Zossima’s Year of Vigil 46The Second Encounter 48Mary’s Last Prayers 50The Third Encounter 52The Lion at the Burial 54Zossima’s Last Word 56The Lion’s Last Word 58A Scribe’s Postscript 60Epilogue 62Further Exploration of Mary of Egypt and Her Story 65The Literary History of Mary’s Life 67Literary Echoes, Antecedents, and Techniques 72  The Desert 76  The Harlot 78  The Lion 81Theological Interest 83  Conversion 85  The Blessed Virgin Mary 87  Penitence/Repentance 90  Humility 93Sacraments, Icons, and Relics 97Contemporary Interest 106Conclusion 111Select Bibliography 116 Click here to view book