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Hummingbirds : marvels of the bird world

Stan Tekiela (Author, Photographer)
Award-winning author and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela presents a fascinating study of hummingbirds in a collection of photographs and information
Print Book, English, 2022
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Adventure Publications, Inc., Cambridge, MN, 2022
Illustrated works
160 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
9781647552466, 164755246X
Amazing HummingbirdsThe Hummingbird FamilyNone So FairA Good NameOrigins of the SpeciesThe World’s Smallest BirdLife SpanStaying AliveHummers from Coast to CoastHabitatsRegional VariationsDifferences of the SexesFeather LightsReflective FeathersAdding ColorWhite HummingbirdsFeather FineryMoltingMasters of FlightExtraordinary HeartEye-catching SightBill BendingGrooved TongueHigh-speed DigestionFlower SweetsEnergy in NectarFlower SweetsHummers and PollinationHunting for InsectsSap TapsFood TastingSaving EnergySunbathing FunDaily PreeningBath TimeCall NotesWing SingingDiving DisplaysMore than BravadoTerritoryMigrationNo Free RidesTime to LeaveFeeder Rest StopsMigratory FeatsSpring MigrationBreeding Ground ArrivalsWhere’s that Feeder?Establishing a TerritoryNest ConstructionFlexible NestMating EncountersEgg LayingDainty EggsIncubation DutyBrood PatchHatchingFeeding the YoungFledgling LifeIndependenceHummingbird MothsAttracting HummersChoosing FeedersNectar RecipesHummer MythsTiny Flying JewelsFeatured HummingbirdsAbout the AuthorHelpful Resources