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We are many

Dave Cameron (Author), Suharu Ogawa (Illustrator)
"We Are Many begins with several children playing a simple game with a soccer ball. Adults soon arrive on the scene with their knack for complicating things, and they quickly hijack the fun. The adults turn the children's game into an enormous pile of people that leads to overcrowding, distress and jealousy. The spectacle takes on a life of its own. Even though many are amazed to be involved, and some enjoy incredible views, the pile seems doomed. Suddenly, there are two piles. As the piles multiply, so do the problems. The kids are bewildered at first, but eventually they take control of the situation. Not only do they help defuse the absurdity and arguing, but they win their simple game back."-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2022
Kids Can Press, Toronto, ON, 2022