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Rethinking Ethical-Political Education

Torill Strand (Editor)
This book offers a variety of outlooks and perspectives on the constitutive values and formative norms of a society, reflected by discourses on ethical-political education. It also discusses conceptual and critical philosophical works combined with empirical studies. The book is divided into three parts: the first part describes contemporary youth's tangible experience of and reflections on ethical-political issues, while the second part explores the potential powers and pitfalls of educational philosophies, old and new. The third part highlights cutting edge issues within the humanities and social sciences, and examines the prospects of a fruitful rethinking of ethical-political education in response to today's pressing issues. By addressing current dilemmas with diligence and insight, the authors offer solid arguments for new theoretical and practical directions to promote philosophical clarification and advance research. Intended for students, teachers and researchers, the book provides fresh perspectives on the many facets of ethical-political education, and as such is a valuable contribution to educational research and debate
eBook, English, 2020
Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2020
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9783030495244, 3030495248
1 Rethinking ethical-political education: Beyond the Nordic Model
Part I Youths in a World of Change
2 Young Citizenship: Civic Engagement and Participation in four Nordic Countries
3 Philosophical and Youth-Studies Perspectives on the Participation Imperative
4 Situating Moral Education in a Globalized World: Environmental Ethical Values and Student Experiences
5 While We Wait: Unaccompanied Minors in Norway
Or the Hospita(bi)lity for the Other
Part II Educational Philosophies, Old and New
6 Encouragement and Appeal: Free Auto-activity (Selbstwirksamkeit) and Subjected Freedom
7 Towards Educational Justice: What Difference can Recognitive Justice Make?
8 Citizenship Education and the Role of Immigrant Students in the Nordic Countries
9 Bildung as Democratic Opinion and Will Formation: Habermas Beyond Habermas
10 Towards a Plastic Starting Point: Rethinking Ethical-Political Education with Catherine Malabou
11 What is called Thinking in Education?
Part III Rethinking Ethical-Political Education
12 Educational Cosmopolitanism: Education beyond Nationalist and Globalist Imaginations
13 Pragmatism, Education and the Problem of Pluralism
14 Reconceptualising the Subject-Citizen of Bildung in a Posthuman World: Rethinking the Promise of Higher Education
15 Challenges and Possibilities of Media-Based Public Dialogue: Misunderstanding, Stereotyping and Reflective Attitude
16 The Educative Process and its Relation to Truth, Knowledge, Culture and Critique: Epistemological and Metaphysical Premises for Formation
17 What Causes Education?
18 Here and Now: Rethinking Philosophy of Education Toegang via de bibliotheken van de Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Toegang via de bibliotheken van de Karel de Grote Hogeschool