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Direct selling

Belinda Ellsworth (Author)
"Selling directly to consumers -- cutting out the "middle man" of retail stores -- is a sky's-the-limit kind of job. [This book] shows you how to use your entrepreneurial spirit to add an additional stream of income or create a full-time lucrative business. This handy guide breaks down the process of getting started, walks you through must-know sales strategies (including social media!), and shows you how to recruit others to your sales team. Discover direct sales and take it to the next level" -- Back cover
Print Book, English, 2022
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John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, 2022
xvi, 414 pages ; 24 cm.
9781119858652, 1119858658
ebook version :
Part 1: Exploring the direct sales industry
Examining the direct sales industry
The perfect side hustle: spotting which model is right for you
Choosing the right direct sales company
Part 2: Creating a successful business with the right mindset
Focusing on your mindset before your skill set
Setting goals and boosting your productivity
The art of being self-employed
Part 3: Launching your direct selling business
Launching your new direct sales business
Navigating your first 100 days of business
Part 4: Executing your social media and online strategy
Choosing the right social media platforms
Using Facebook for your business
Utilizing Instagram and other social media platforms
Creating content: blogging, images, and videos
Part 5: Putting sales strategies into practice
Building your business on bookings
Coaching your host
Hosting successful in-person and online events
The power of one-on-one selling
Sustaining growth: The fortune is in the follow-up
Part 6: Building a team or organization: the How-to
Attracting new team members: recruiting and sponsoring
Conducting interviews
Sponsoring new people and leading teams
Group recruiting: holding opportunity events
Part 7: Operating and managing a successful business
Meeting and communicating
Knowing your numbers and managing your money wisely
Part 8: The parts of ten
Ten benefits of direct sales
Ten mistakes to avoid
Previous edition: Hoboken: John Wiley, 2015
Includes index