Front cover image for Taking back Trump's America : why we lost the White House and how we'll win it back

Taking back Trump's America : why we lost the White House and how we'll win it back

Peter Navarro (Author)
"In this follow-up to the breakout bestseller In Trump Time, Peter Navarro explains why Trump lost the White House in 2020 and how he will win it back in 2024--and none too soon"--
Print Book, English, 2022
Bombardier Books, an imprint of Post Hill Press, New York, 2022
xi, 361 pages ; 24 cm
9781637586785, 1637586787
Part one: The beginning and the beginning of the end. A restive lion wintering in Mar-a-Lago
Five strategic failures & the fall of the White House of Trump
An insider's look at a West Wing dumpster
Part two: Prelude to a post-mortem. The coming China wars gets my Trump ball rolling
A two-day Big Apple popover turns into a five-year tour
The November 9thers cometh and an RNC original sin
An ambassador strategy and some shuttle diplomacy
What a handshake deal is worth in Manhattan
Part three: Let the West Wing games being & lessons learned. American carnage, cheap seats, and a cabinet of clowns
My hard pratfall from Trumpian grace
Process delayed, diluted, or derailed is Trump policy denied
A "where's my Peter" battle cry and Oval Office resurrection
Bad personnel PLUS bad process is bad policy is bad politics
Part four: From China hawks to China appeasers. The road to reelection runs through Beijing
A Wilbur Ross ZTE belly flop
Whiffing and waffling on Huawei
My TikTok Aaron Sorkin West Wing moment
A slave labor debacle debases the Situation Room
Part five: That's the way the blue wall didn't crumble. The iron MAGA triangle of populist economic nationalism
A deplorable basket of buy American executive orders
The last MAGA tango in Clyde
Part six: The Hillary Clinton campaign on quaaludes. From Trump force one to Hillary's Hindenburg
The Bannon cavalry rides into a Kushner ditch
Part seven: Playing checkers in speed chess world. Stimulus interruptus and the Trump MAGA trillion
V-shaped Kudlow nonsense in a K-shaped world
Part eight: Ink by the barrel, cable by the mile. The inglorious never-Trump media bastards
Dominate the news cycle or be dominated
A White House confederacy of media dunces
Fauci, Russia, and the ghost of Buch v. Gore
Part nine: Take it back in 2024. Tearing down the Pelosi House in 2022
No Facebook, no Fox, no problem
Good personnel is good policy is good politics