Front cover image for The declassification engine : what history reveals about America's top secrets

The declassification engine : what history reveals about America's top secrets

Matthew Connelly (Author)
"Historian Matthew Connelly analyzes the millions of state documents both accessible to the public and still under review to unearth not only what the government does not want us to know, but what it says about the very authority we bequeath to our leaders. By culling this research and studying a series of pivotal moments in recent history from Pearl Harbor to drone strikes, Connelly sheds light on the drivers of state secrecy (especially consolidating power or hiding incompetence) and how the classification of documents has become untenable. What results is a study of power: of the greed that develops out of its possession, of the negligence that it protects, and of what we lose as citizens when it remains unchecked"-- Provided by the publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
Pantheon Books, New York, 2023
xvii, 540 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781101871577, 1101871571
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The radical transparency of the American republic: a re-introduction
Pearl Harbor: the original secret
The bomb: born secret
Code making and code breaking: the secret of secrets
The military-industrial complex: the dirty secret of civil-military relations
Surveillance: other people's secrets
Weird science: secrets that are stranger than fiction
Following the money: trade secrets
Spin: the flipside of secrecy
There is no there there: the best kept secret
Deleting the archive: the ultimate secret
The end of history as we know it