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Into the deep

Kate Cox (Film director), David Beton (Screenwriter), Mark Lane (Film producer), James Harris (Film producer), Leonora Darby (Film producer), Sarah Gabriel (Film producer), Marc Goldberg (Film producer), Ella-Rae Smith (Actor), Jessica Alexander (Actor), Matthew Daddario (Actor)
In this intense action thriller, Jess is swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger named Ben, who takes her to his boat that's docked nearby. Dangerously adrift miles from shore, their romance in interrupted when Lexie shows up, and soon the three get wasted and play sexy games. But when the party takes a turn for the worse, it's clear that Ben or Lexie is a dangerous liar. In the explosive climax, Jess must decide which one to help, and which one to destroy
DVD Video, English, 2022
Lionsgate, Santa Monica, CA, 2022