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The Romantics reviewed : contemporary reviews of British Romantic writers

Donald H. Reiman (Editor)
First published in 1972, this set of 9 volumes contains all contemporary British periodical reviews of the first (or other significantly early) editions from 1793 and 1824 of works by William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Gordon Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats.
eBook, English, 2016
Routledge, London, 2016
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Print version :
<P>Volume I<B> </B>Plan of this Edition; Analytical Review; Antijacobin Review; Augustan Review; Beacon; La Belle Assemblee; Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; Brighton Magazine; British Critic; British Lady's Magazine; British Review; Champion (earlier Drakard's Paper); Critical Review; Dublin Examiner; Dublin Magazine; Eclectic Review; Edinburgh Monthly Review; Edinburgh Review; European Magazine; Examiner; Gazette of Fashion; General Weekly Register. Volume II Cabinet; Catholic Gentleman's Magazine; Champion (earlier Drakard's Paper); Christian Miscellany; Christian Observer; Critical Review; Drama; Dublin Examiner; Eclectic Review; Edinburgh Monthly Review (later New Edinburgh Review); Edinburgh Observer; Edinburgh Reflector; Edinburgh Review; Entertaining Magazine; European Magazine; Evangelical Magazine. Volume III Examiner; Farrago; Fireside Magazine; General Chronicle; Gentleman's Magazine; Gloucestershire Repository; Green Man; Imperial Magazine; Independent; Investigator; John Bull; Kaleidoscope; Knight Errant; Lady's Magazine; Lady's Monthly Museum; Leeds Correspondent; Literary and Statistical Magazine for Scotland; Literary Chronicle and Weekly Review; Literary Examiner. Volume IV Literary Gazette; Literary Journal; Literary Museum; Literary Panorama; Literary Register; Literary Sketch-Book; Literary Speculum; Liverpool Magazine; London Christian Instructor; London Magazine (Baldwin's); London Magazine (Gold's); Manchester Iris; Mentor; Miniature Magazine; Monitor; Monthly Censor; Monthly Literary Recreations; Monthly Magazine; Monthly Mirror; Monthly Museum; Monthly Review. Volume V New Annual Register; New Bon Ton Magazine; New European Magazine; New Monthly Magazine; New Review; Northern Star; Poetical Register; Portfolio; Quarterly Review; Reasoner; Sale-Room; Satirist; Scots Magazine (later Edinburgh Magazine); Scourge; Stage; Theatre; Theatrical Inquisitor; Town; Town Talk; Tradesman; Ulster Register; Universal Magazine (later New Universal Magazine); Universal Review; Variety; Yellow Dwarf. </P>