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The hand book

Magda Garguláková (Author), Vitězslav Mecner (Illustrator), Andrew Oakland (Translator), Scott Alexander Jones (Editor)
Handy hands. What a unique tool! Explore the hand from a range of expected and unexpected aspects. Did you know that sign language varies from country to country? Have you ever wondered why some of us are left-handed while others are right-handed? Can you imagine how the hand of a sculptor differs from that of a pianist or a bricklayer? Sure you can't applaud with one hand, but there are still many things you can manage with just one hand. Find out in this book with original design and tactile cover
Print Book, English, 2022
Albatros Media, Prague, 2022
Illustrated works
77 pages : color illustrations ; 31 cm
9788000066004, 8000066009
GlossaryHands . . .Are uniqueLeave fingerprintsHave anatomiesCan do many thingsHoldGive & cooperateRestTouchFeel & recognizeShow your ageCommunicateCommunicate verbally & nonverballySpeakMake gesturesSay how we feelMake signalsGreetCan replace eyesCan replace ears & mouthCreateDestroyCan by famousBelong to animals tooEvolvedWork with the brainAre either left or rightCan get into troubleHave different professionsAre used to measureAre symbolsGet depictedCan be decoratedCan have rings & accessoriesCan use sticksCan get injuredCan be replacedNeed good hygieneShouldn’t do certain things