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Spol in migracija Izkušnje žensk kot akterk migracij

The theoretical part of the monograph (' Gender and migration: experiences of women as actors of migration') is based on researching the meaning of gender for understanding migration processes and their classifications. By analysing established approaches in migration and related studies the author shows that the definition of the term migrant is related to processed of inclusion as well as exclusion. Through life-stories of female migrants the author tries to explain the wider social context of migration, which, despite the rise of qualitative migration studies in the last two decades, is still lacking in established approaches to migration. The main focus of research is on experiences and perspectives of female migrants. By combining theoretical and epistemological approaches in migration studies as well as in women and gender studies, the monograph contributes to enriching knowledge in both fields
eBook, Undefined, 2009
ZRC SAZU, Založba ZRC, Ljubljana, 2009
1 Online-Ressource (188 p.).
9789610503231, 9789612541767, 9610503233, 9612541760