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Rocky Mountain cities

Print Book, English, [1949]
W.W. Norton, New York, [1949]
320 pages 22 cm
Reno, the state city, by W.V.T. Clark
The Coeur d'Alene, vulnerable valley, by J.K. Howard
El Paso, big mountain town, by Duncan Aikman
Cheyenne, cowman's capital, by Dee Linford
Albuquerque, a place to live in, by Erna Ferguson
Salt Lake City, city of the Saints, by D.L. Morgan
Tucson, the folk industry, by June Caldwell
Butte, the copper camp, by John Stahlberg
Santa Fe, city of many molds, by Haniel Long
Denver, reluctant capital, by C.A. Graham and Robert Perkin
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