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The religious affections

"Jonathan Edwards is best known as the theologian of revival. In this, his major study on the theme, he analyses the nature of a genuine work of the Holy Spirit" -- From Amazon
Print Book, English, 1986
Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, 1986
Early works
382 pages ; 22 cm
9780851514857, 0851514855
pt. 1. Concerning the nature of the affections and their importance in religion. True religion largely consists in holy affections
Evidence that true religion lies much in the affections
Inferences from the doctrine
pt. 2. Showing what are no certain signs that religious affections are truly gracious, or that they are not. That religious affections are very great is no sign
Great effects on the body are no sign
Fluency and fervour are no sign
That they come with texts of Scripture is no sign
That there is an appearance of love is no sign
That religious affections are of many kinds is no sign
Joys following in a certain order are no sign
Much time and much zeal in duty are no sign
Much expression of praise is no sign
Great confidence is no certain sign
Moving testimonies are no sign
Showing what are distinguishing signs of truly gracious and holy affections. Gracious affections are from divine influence
Their object is the excellence of divine things
They are founded on the moral excellency of objects
They arise from divine illumination
They are attended with a conviction of certainty
They are attended with evangelical humiliation
They are attended with a change of nature
They beget and promote the temper of Jesus
Gracious affections soften the heart
They have beautiful symmetry and proportion
False affections rest satisfied in themselves
Religious affections have their fruit in Christian practice
Originally published: Boston : Kneeland and Green, 1746