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Papers, 1821-1844

The Journals detail William Edmonds Horner's travels from the United States to Europe in 1821. Consisting of nine notebooks written in long hand, Horner describes in detail his voyage across the Atlantic, as well as his sightseeing in England, Holland, Parris, Scotland, and Ireland. Horner visited many of the usual sites of interest; he also visited many of the hospitals, physicians, and instrument makers - making notes on medical practices, anatomical collections, and other observations. He was particularly taken by the Hunterian Collection in London, and describes the method for making wax anatomical preparations which he learned from the curator. Horner also visited the London Docks (where he notes seeing six pirates hanging in chains), Waterloo, and the Libraire du Roi. His travels also included meeting and dining with many prominent Americans and Europeans
Archival Material, English, 1821