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Thinking skills instruction : concepts and techniques

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National Education Association, Washington, D.C., ©1987
312 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Encounter with thinking / Harold S. Anderson
Thinking skills : neither an add-on nor a quick fix / Arthur L. Costa
Teaching for thinking, of thinking, and about thinking / James J. McTighe
Thinking and curriculum : critical crossroads for educational change / Barbara Z. Presseisen
Critical thinking and the curriculum / Robert H. Ennis
Conversation with David N. Perkins
Critical thinking attitudes and the transfer question / Alma M. Schwartz
Thinking across the disciplines : methods and strategies to promote higher-order thinking in every classroom / Diane F. Halpern
Practice is not enough / Barry K. Beyer
Learning to learn : improving thinking skills across the curriculum / Marcia Heiman
A strategy for developing dialectical thinking skills / Joel Rudinow and Richard Paul
Strategies for active involvement in problem solving / Joseph S. Karmos and Ann H. Karmos
Restructuring what we teach to teach for critical thinking / Robert J. Swartz
Developing metacognition in composition with peer response groups / Lynn Langer Meeks
Basics in Bloom / Norma J. Hoelzel
Teaching thinking to teach literature while teaching literature to teach thinking / Natalee C. Yeager
Using thinking skills in modified ESL / Patsy A. Jaynes
The direct teaching of analysis / Ronald E. Charlton
Conversation with Arthur Whimbey
Teaching precise processing through writing instruction / Kendall Didsbury
Thinking about learning : an anarchistic approach to teaching problem solving / Jack Lochhead
Holistic thinking skills instruction : an interdisciplinary approach to improving intellectual performance / William A. Sadler, Jr
Cognitive modifiability in adolescence : cognitive structure and the effects of intervention / Reuven Feuerstein [and others]
Using vocabulary study to generate thinking / Ernestine W. Roberts
Teaching critical thinking : are we making critical mistakes? : possible solutions / Robert J. Sternberg
The direct teaching of thinking as a skill / Edward de Bono
Developing students' thinking skills through multiple perspectives / Ronald Lee Rubin
Developing thinking skills in music rehearsal class / Douglas E. Reahm
Developing higher-order thinking skills in home economics : a lesson plan / Nancy A. Watts
Using literature to develop critical thinking skills / Maria Tymoczko
Questioning in a writing program to develop thinking / Paula K. Flemming
Simulation and thinking / Ronald Levitsky
The pre-contact time American Indian : a study in the meaning and development of culture
a teaching unit / John M. Feeser
Think metric / Delores Gallo
The art of Socratic reasoning / Erling Skorpen