Front cover image for Bishops' papers, 1761-1943

Bishops' papers, 1761-1943

Howard Chandler Robbins (Collector)
Letters, portraits and photographs, biographies, clippings, and other material concerning bishops of the Episcopal Church. Includes material concerning Samuel Seabury, William White, Thomas Church Brownell, Benjamin B. Smith, William R. Whittingham, William M. Green, John Williams, Henry John Whitehouse, Thomas Fielding Scott, Henry B. Whipple, Arthur C. Coxe, Robert H. Clarkson, Daniel Tuttle, William C. Doane, William H. Hare, John F. Spalding, Alexander C. Garrett, Thomas U. Dudley, George F. Seymour, Henry C. Potter, William Lawrence, Nathaniel S. Thomas, Julius W. Atwood, Philip M. Rhinelander, Frank Touret, Edward L. Parsons, William T. Manning, Charles L. Slattery, Thomas Casady, Charles K. Gilbert, and others
Archival Material, English, 1761