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Handbook of communication science

Print Book, English, ©1987
Sage publications, Beverly Hills, ©1987
946 pages ; 24 cm
9780803921993, 0803921993
The study of communication as a science / Charles R. Berger and Steven H. Chaffee
Communication research : a history / Jesse G. Delia
What communication scientists do / Steven H. Chaffee and Charles R. Berger
Beyond science : humanities contributions to communication theory / Thomas B. Farrell
Levels of analysis : an introduction / Steven H. Chaffee and Charles R. Berger
The individual's place in communication science / Dean E. Hewes and Sally Planalp
Interpersonal communication : definitions and fundamental questions / Joseph N. Cappella
The network level of analysis / Peter R. Monge
The macrosocial level of communication science / Jack M. McLeod and Jay G. Blumler
Functions of communication : an introduction / Steven H. Chaffee and Charles R. Berger
Functions of communication : a nonfunctionalist overview / Denis McQuail
Language, social comparison, and power / Howard Giles and John M. Wiemann
Nonverbal signals / Mark L. Knapp, Michael J. Cody, and Kathleen Kelley Reardon
Socializing functions / Garrett J. O'Keefe and Kathleen Reid-Nash
Persuasion / Gerald R. Miller
Communication and conflict / Michael E. Roloff
Contexts of communication : an introduction / Steven H. Chaffee and Charles R. Berger
Family process : system perspectives / Arthur P. Bochner and Eric M. Eisenberg
Marital interaction / Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
Communication and children / Ellen Wartella and Byron Reeves
Consumer behavior / Scott Ward
The health care context / Loyd S. Pettegrew and Robert Logan
Organizational assimilation / Fredric M. Jablin and Kathleen J. Krone
Professional mass communicators / James S. Ettema and D. Charles Whitney with Daniel B. Wackman
Public opinion processes / Vincent Price and Donald F. Roberts
Communication campaigns / Everett M. Rogers and J. Douglas Storey
Cross-cultural comparisons / William B. Gudykunst