Front cover image for The notebooks of Florence Allshorn

The notebooks of Florence Allshorn

Print Book, English, 1957
SCM Press, London, 1957
devotional literature
127 pages ; 19 cm
The question
We exist for God
The world's need : security
The world's need : faith in the future
The world's need : a new beginning
The world's need : a way to peace
The world's need : spiritual vigor
The search for reality : the waste land
The search for reality : dissipation of egoism
'We are saved by hope'
The eternal in you matters most
To collaborate with God
God is the first mover
The rhythm in which God has swung the world
What is my great desire?
The double-minded shall not excel
A strict demand calling for obedience
The indivisible command to love
Many masters
Three evils
Things we dare not do
Christianity is a matter of friendship
The balcony mind
The cost of redemption
The cup
The quality Christ looks for
Eternal life is love and faith
To know he is with you
Faith begins in experience
The tendency to contract
The Holy Spirit : the thing that happened
The Holy Spirit : we fight against what is already doomed
The Holy Spirit : something for men to see
The great foundation fact
We were made to love
How can you love to a command?
A threefold rule
Christian living : 'he kindled thy desire'
Christian living : love is our adventure
Christian living : 'go not hence for thing that befalleth'
The Way of Christ
The deep sources of his life
In him was life
God's voice made articulate
The Incarnation
Two unshiftable truths
A chapter in the life of Jesus : his example
A chapter in the life of Jesus : the disciples
A chapter in the life of Jesus : 'listen to him'
A chapter in the life of Jesus : new values
A chapter in the life of Jesus : the compromisers
A chapter in the life of Jesus : the ground of his belief
The choice
Loving his promises
The initiative is with God
A sustained intention to worship
Waiting on God
The humble soul knows its need
Reality in confession
The cross with its long reward
The unforgiving servant
God's forgiveness and ours
The authority of God : there is a place by my side
The authority of God : everything is his
The authority of God : life a continual ascent
We must go his way
An unconditional response
I am for him
The joy beyond
God supreme