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International encyclopedia of the social sciences

This entirely new second edition of the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences highlights the growing influence of economics and sociology in social science research. Featuring 2,990 commissioned essays contributed by thousands of scholars from around the world, the set also covers the disciplines of political science, anthropology, and psychology, offering current perspectives on a wide variety of topics of global relevance, including: achievement testing: censorship; personality measurement; aging; income distribution; political and economic aspects of foreign aid; food security and consumption patterns; comparative healthcare systems; agricultural innovation; political correctness; discrimination; legislation of ethics and morality; terrorism; free trade; and currency devaluation/revaluation. The Encyclopedia features compelling biographical entries profiling past and contemporary contributors to the study of the social sciences, while summarizing the critical responses to their work. In addition, many articles explore specific social movements (e.g., Chinese Revolution, September 11, 2001, Iraq-US War, Darfur conflict). A thematic outline provides a general view of the conceptual scheme of the encyclopedia while helping readers to navigate and access the wealth of articles on a given subject
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