Front cover image for Psychoheresy : the psychological seduction of Christianity

Psychoheresy : the psychological seduction of Christianity

Psychoheresy: Is about Chistianity and psychology; Examines four commonly-held myths about psychology; Analyzes attempts to integrate psychology with the Bible; Reveals research exposing the fallacies of psychological counseling; Encourages a return to biblical foundations for Christian living. - Back cover
Print Book, English, 1987
EastGate Publishers, Santa Barbara, CA, 1987
259 pages ; 22 cm
9780941717007, 9780941717014, 0941717003, 0941717011
Part one : Psychoseduction. Leaven in the loaf
Psychology as religion
Science or pseudoscience?
Part two : Psychotheology. Promises, promises, promises
"A way that seemeth right"
Broken cisterns or living waters?
Part three : Psychobabble. The misnomer of mental illness
Mental illness by ballot
Disease, diagnosis, and prognosis
The labeling game
Mental illness or irresponsibility
Part four : Psychoquackery. Is psychotherapy a panacea?
Is psychotherapy a palliative?
Is psychotherapy a placebo?
The emperor's new clothes
Part five : The psychological way or the spiritual way? "Choose you this day"
Beyond counseling
The true vine