Front cover image for Henry Demarest Lloyd papers, 1840-1937, 1977

Henry Demarest Lloyd papers, 1840-1937, 1977

Papers of Henry Lloyd, American journalist and social-economic reformer, whose name is associated with late nineteenth century populism and radical thought in the United States from 1881-1903. Lloyd was one of the first systematic students of rising corporate capitalism; a pioneer in the field of business and social ethics for an urban-industrial America; a silk-stocking champion of labor's right to organize and a leader in its fight for better treatment; an investigator of the "new liberalism" and of cooperative movements in Europe and of state socialism in New Zealand, and a transmitter of their experiences to America; and an author whose work included his muckraking "Wealth against Commonwealth" (1894), the bulk of whose original manuscript is in the collection
Archival Material, English, 1840
13.5 c.f. (55 archives boxes) and 52 reels of microfilm (35 mm); plus additions of 1.3 c.f. and 36 photographs.
Another copy of this microfilm is held by the Historical Society Library and is cataloged in MadCat Register available online.