Front cover image for Policing and punishing the drinking driver : a study of general and specific deterrence

Policing and punishing the drinking driver : a study of general and specific deterrence

Ross Homel
Print Book, English, ©1988
Springer-Verlag, New York, ©1988
xix, 318 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9780387967158, 9783540967156, 038796715X, 354096715X
1 Drinking Drivers and the Criminal Justice System.- Ways of Studying Drinking and Driving in the Context of the Criminal Justice System.- Drinking and Driving as Crime.- Who Is the Drinking Driver?.- Summary.- 2 A Model of the Deterrence Process.- Deterrence Theory and the Deterrence Doctrine.- Deterrence, Human Rationality, and Drinking and Driving.- Measuring Deterrence: Gibbs’ “Fundamental Problem”.- Elaborating the Deterrence Model for Random Breath Testing.- Elaboration of the Deterrence Model for the Study of Penalties and Reconviction Rates.- Summary.- 3 The Evidence for Deterrence.- Perceptual Research.- General Deterrence of the Drinking Driver.- Studies of Penalties and Reconvictions.- Summary.- 4 Random Breath Testing in Australia.- Trends in Road Safety.- Alcohol Use and Drink-Driving in Australia.- Random Breath Testing.- RBT Boots and All: Tasmania and New South Wales.- Summary.- 5 The Random Breath Test Study: Research Questions and Method.- The Research Questions.- Method.- Statistical Analysis.- 6 Results of the Random Breath Test Study.- Descriptive Analysis of the April Data.- The Effects of Police Testing: An Area-Level Analysis.- The Relationship Between Exposure to RBT and Perceptions of the Chances of Being Randomly Tested and Arrested for Drinking and Driving.- Influences on Arrest Certainty: Towards a Parsimonious Model.- Modifications to Travel and Drinking Behaviors in the April Survey.- Reasons for Not Drinking and Driving: Fear Versus Conscience.- The Longitudinal Study: February and April Compared.- Drink-Driving Between February and April.- Perceptions and Evaluations of Penalty Severity.- Summary of Main Results.- 7 The Penalties Study: Research Questions and Method.- The Research Questions.- The Design of the Penalties Study.- Relative and Perceived Severity of Penalty.- Environmental Factors.- A Typology of Convicted Offenders.- 8 Results of the Penalties Study.- Marginal Specific Deterrence: Reconviction Rates and Relative Severity of Penalties.- A Typology of the Convicted Drinking Driver.- Implications of the Penalties Study for the Deterrence Model.- 9 Implications of the Research.- Review of the Random Breath Text Study.- Review of the Penalties Study.- An Assessment of the Deterrence Model.- Implications for Social Policy.- Conclusion.- References.- Author Index.
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