Front cover image for Strategie przetrwania : żydzi po aryjskiej stronie Warszawy

Strategie przetrwania : żydzi po aryjskiej stronie Warszawy

A study based on testimonies found in the ŻIH archives in Warsaw, published memoirs, and interviews. Describes three categories of survival: living in hiding without going outside (i.e. "under the surface"), living with a false identity ("on the surface"), and living "close to the surface" - halfway between the first two options. Discusses necessary factors for survival on the "Aryan side", like having "good" (i.e. non-Jewish) looks, knowledge of the Polish language and of the Catholic religion, as well as good manners. Comments, also, on psychological problems of the hidden people, which often led to identity problems or depression. Surviving on the "Aryan side" depended on having contacts with Poles. Relates cases of help given to Jews, as well as cases of blackmail. Emphasizes the importance of the ghetto uprising, which the Jews witnessed from the outside, and its influence on their sense of identity. (From the Bibliography of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism)
Print Book, Polish, 2004
Wydawn. "Neriton", Warszawa, 2004