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Opening the covenant : a Jewish theology of Christianity

Michael Kogan delves deeply into the theologies of Christianity and Judaism, to locate the precise points of difference and convergence. He sees Christianity as the breaking open of the original Covenant to include gentile peoples. God has brought this about, Kogan argues, through Jesus and his interpreters
eBook, English, 2008
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008
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Defining our terms
The question of the Messiah
Three Jewish theologians of Christianity
Affirming the other's theology: how far can Jews and Christians go?
The forty years peace: Christian churches reevaluate Judaism
Two contemporary theologians of the dialogue
Into another intensity: Christian-Jewish dialogue moves forward
Truth and fact in religious narrative
Bringing the dialogue home
Does politics trump theology? The Israeli-Palestinian dispute invades the Jewish-Christian dialogue
Toward a pluralist theology of Judaism