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Echoes of Scripture in the letters of Paul

"Paul's letters, the earliest writings in the New Testament, are filled with allusions, images and quotations from the Old Testament. This book investigates Paul's appropriation of Scripture from a perspective based on recent literary-critical studies of intertextuality."
Print Book, English, 1989
Yale University Press, New Haven, 1989
Criticism, interpretation, etc
xiv, 240 pages ; 24 cm
9780300044713, 9780300054293, 0300044712, 0300054297
pt. 1. The puzzle of Pauline hermeutics:
Paul as reader and misreader of scripture
Critical approaches to Pauline hermeneutics
Intertextual echo in Phil. 1:19
Hermeneutical reflections and constraints
pt. 2. Intertextual echo in Romans:
Righteousness and wrath prefigured
The law and the prophets as witnesses of God's righteousness
Sheep to be slaughtered
Has the word of God fallen?
"The righteousness from faith says"
pt. 3. Children of promise:
Ecclesiocentric hermeneutics
Israel in the wilderness
The Israel/church typology
Scripture prefigures the blessing of Gentiles
pt. 4. A letter from Christ:
New covenant hermeuntics?
2 Cor. 3:1-4:6- a reading
The text transfigured
pt. 5. "The world is near you": hermeneutics in the eschatological community:
Paul's readings of scripture
Paul's letters as hermeneutical model