Front cover image for Seventeenth century Europe : State, conflict and the social order in Europe 1598-1700

Seventeenth century Europe : State, conflict and the social order in Europe 1598-1700

This history book looks at the Thirty Years war in Germany, government in war-time Europe, provincial revolt, civil war and the "crisis of the 17th century", absolutism and the return of order after 1660, government and conflict in the later 17th century, and social history of the time.
Print Book, English, 1990
Macmillan, Basingstoke, 1990
xxxii, 457 pages : maps ; 24 cm.
9780333286401, 9780333286418, 0333286405, 0333286413
1. Thirty Years War in the German lands
2. Government in wartime Europe
3. Framework of life
Population and food supply
Demographic effects of disease
Impact of war
Prices and wages
Occupations and wealth distribution
Social and geographic mobility
4. Enterprise and profit
5. Structure of society: nobility and office-holders
6. Structure of society: urban life
7. Provincial revolts civil war and the crisis of the 17th century
The frondes
English civil wars and Scotland
Scandinavian kingdoms
8. structure of society: peasant and seigneur
Serfdom in Muscovy
Conditions in east-central Europe
Commercial farming in the Netherlands and England
Peasant, bondsman and labourer in western Europe
9. Beliefs, mentalities knowledge and the printed text
Scepticism, Galileo and the expanding universe
Science and the commonwealth of learning
10. Arts, the value of creativity and the cost of appearances
Popular culture
Church music and the city public
Visual arts and the Catholic church in Rome
Buildings and symbols
Princely and royal court environments
Public patronage and appreciation of the arts
11. Absolutism and the return of order after 1660
12. Government and conflict in the later seventeenth century
Louis XIV and international conflict in Europe after 1660
Commercial rivalry in Europe and overseas
Internal opposition and the state monopoly of violence
Image of power and the secular state
Receding eastern frontier: Russia