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Learning and education : psychoanalytic perspectives

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International Universities Press, Madison, Conn., ©1989
Emotions and behavior monographs, no. 6, monograph no. 6
xix, 1016 pages ; 23 cm.
9780823629541, 0823629546
Forword / George H. Pollock
Psychoanalysis and education : motive, meaning, and self / Bertram J. Cohler
From learning for love to love of learning / Rudolf Ekstein
From the love of learning to the love of teaching / Rudolf Ekstein
The psychoanalytic approach to learning theory (with more than a passing reference to Piaget) / E. James Anthony
Psychologically informed education : historical foundations / Ralph W. Tyler
The courage to try : self-esteem and learning / H.E. Bernstein
Supervision : a teaching-learning paradigm / Hyman L. Muslim and Eduardo Val
Modes of learning and the analytic process / Gerhart Piers and Maria W. Piers
Emotional intelligence / Stanley I. Greenspan
Curiosity and exploration in children : where affect and cognition meet / Rita Sussman. Learning, knowing, and the self : a constructive developmental view / Ann Fleck Henderson and Robert Kegan
Patterns of internalization / Bonnie E. Litowitz
Making meaning together : motivation for learning to write / Frances M. Stott
The child's mourning : can it be learned from the parent? / Benjamin Garber
The psychoanalytic self psychologist looks at learning / Ernest S. Wolf
The organization of resistances to new learning in psychoanalysis : a developmental perspective / Barbara Rocah
Gender identity, cognitive development, and emotional conflict / Martin A. Silverman
An examination of work inhibitions in women : a special problem for the female teacher and student / Irene P. Stiver
Some relationships between education and psychotherapy in the treatment of developmentally delayed infants and toddlers / Sally Provence. Implications of the infantile neurosis for learning problems in childhood / Donald D. Schwartz
The inability to learn in school : the role of eary developmental deficiencies in learning disabilities / Richard Kaufman
Deficits in empathy in the learning-disabled child / Benjamin Garber
Marking time in the midst of the hardest movement : educational and clinical implications of adolescent borderline disorder in life span perspective / Gil G. Noam
Psychoanalysis and special education : the concept of exceptionality in physical disability / Gaston E. Blom, Kerstin Ek, and Madhav Kulkarni
Relational aspects of learning : the learning alliance / Glorye Wool
The teacher, the transference, and development / Michael Franz Basch
The teacher as learner, the learner as teacher / Miriam Elson. The effects of narcissistic transferences on the teaching-learning process / Linda A. Cozzarelli and Marilyn Silin
Reflections of early childhood family experiences in the educational situation / Ner Littner
Some reflections on the teacher-student dialogue : a psychoanalytic perspective / Kay Field
A psychoanalytic contribution to education : the teacher education program of the Institute for Psychoanalysis in Chicago, 1965-1977 / Kay Field
Afterword / Kay Field
Includes indexes