Front cover image for The 2003 annual : volume 1, training (the fortieth annual)

The 2003 annual : volume 1, training (the fortieth annual)

Print Book, English, ©2003
Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, San Francisco, ©2003
xii, 306 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9780787962616, 0787962619
General introduction
Experiential learning activities . Introduction to the experiential learning activities section
Experiential learning activities categories
723. Purposeful spot game : creating winners in business / Teri-E Belf
724. Other perspectives : fostering the creative spirit / Mila Gascó Hernández and Teresa Torres Coronas
725. Choices : learning effective conflict-management strategies / Chuck Kormanski, Sr. and Chuck Kormanski, Jr
726. Performance expectations : making a sandwich / Lynne Andia
727. Persuasion? No problem! Evaluating effective presentation skills / Marlene Caroselli
728. Rulers : determining objective measures / Bob Shaver
729. Tear it up : learning three types of interaction / Lorraine Ukens
730. Decode : working with different instructions / Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan
731. Aardvark and antelope : examining team leadership / Kristin J. Arnold
732. Let's get personal : using slogans to introduce oneself / Phyliss Cooke and Tara L. Kuther
733. Yo-yos : using kinesthetic methods for learning / Donna L. Goldstein
734. Inner child : applying new knowledge in a creative way / Robert Alan Black
735. Golf game : keeping accurate score / Peter R. Garber
736. Intrinisic/extrinsic motivators : encouraging creativity / Elizabeth A. Smith
737. When I manage, when I lead : separating the functions / Steven Sphar
738. Meet my leader : using analogy to describe traits / Lois B. Hart
739. Lasso your vision, mission, and values : building team support and commitment / Cher Holton
Inventories, questionnaires, and surveys. Introduction to the inventories, questionnaires, and surveys section
Readiness for online learning self-assessment / Ryan Watkins
Evaluating training : before, during, and after / Susan Boyd
The Knowledge Management Assessment Tool (KMAT) / David J. Maier and James L. Moseley
Presentation and discussion resources. Introduction to the presentation and discussion resources section
Finding fulfillment by living your passions / Richard Chang
Stress management training for trainers / Herbert S. Kindler
Coaching the superstars : learning the lessons of hardship / Barbara Pate Glacel
I hear America speaking : lessons for leaders / Marlene Caroselli
Learner-driven teaching methods : developing critical thinking skills / Elizabeth A. Smith
Trainer survival skills / Susan Boyd
Getting the most from a good story / Lori L. Silverman and Mary B. Wacker
Delivering effective presentations : a review of techniques for enhancing audience involvement / Ira J. Morrow
Designing curricula for learning environments : using a facilitative teaching approach to empower learners / Sharon Drew Morgen
Why learning games are important and how to create your own games / Carolyn Nilson
Delivering effective training presentations / Julie A. Furst-Bowe
Training for leadership development : three process keys, Marshall Sashkin