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This book is arranged into four parts. Part 1 deals with the most general topics of agro-ecology in the form of an overview. Part 2 treats general ecological principles, focusing on their application in the context of the agro-ecosystem. n part 3 the more practical aspects of agro-ecosystems are discussed, like the management of nitrogen, and the pest management principles. Part 4 deals with the question of research in agricultural systems
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xiv, 641 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Online version:
World hunger and population / William Murdoch
Climate and the geography of agriculture / Robert A. Rice and John H. Vandermeer
The origin and spread of agriculture / Leah D. Minc and John H. Vandermeer
Social relations and the growth of modern agriculture / Frederick H. Buttel
Technological changes in energy use in U.S. agricultural production / David Pimentel and Wen Dazhong
Ecological impact of modern agriculture / Judy Soule, Danielle Carré and Wes Jackson
Physiological ecology of crops in relation to light, water, and temperature / Anthony E. Hall
Plant population ecology in agriculture / Jacob Weiner
Disease dynamics in agroecosystems / Christopher C. Mundt
Herbivorous insects in agroecosystems / Alison G. Power and Peter Kareiva
Beneficials in agricultural soils / Douglas Boucher
The agroecosystem embedded in a complex ecological community / Richard Levins and John H. Vandermeer
The interface between natural areas and agroecosystems / C. Ronald Carroll
Nitrogen in agroecosystems / Wesley M. Jarrell
Integrated pest management / David A. Andow and Peter M. Rosset