Front cover image for The curse : a cultural history of menstruation

The curse : a cultural history of menstruation

Janice Delaney, Mary Jane Lupton (Author), Emily Toth (Author)
Print Book, English, ©1976
Dutton, New York, ©1976
Trivia and miscellanea
x, 276 pages ; 22 cm.
9780876902226, 0876902220
The tabooed woman
Women in the closet: taboos of exclusion
"Not tonight, dear": taboos of sex
Putting her in her place: rites of the menarche
Woman unclean: menstrual taboos in Judaism and Christianity
Menstruation and medical myth
Modern menstrual politics
The menstrual cycle in action
The menstrual process
The first pollution: psychoanalysis and the menarche
The storm before the calm: the premenstrual syndrome
The menstruating woman in the popular imagination
"What every girl should know"
The monthly euphenism
Red humor: the menstrual joke
Periodic parade: menstruation in advertising
Rags to riches: the menstrual products industry
Menstruation goes public
Menstrual images in literature
The bleeding tower: menstrual themes in fairy tales
Absent literature: the menarche
The miracle of blood: menstrual imagery in myth and poetry
Menstrual madness in drama and fiction
The menopause
From leeches to estrogen: the menopause and medical options
Psychology and the menopausal menace
"November of the body": the menopause and literature
The menstrual hall of fame
Moving the menses, or vicarious menstruation
Escaping the monthlies
Saignade: simulated menstruation in the male
Cycles and rhythm in men
Conclusion: lifting the curse
"A Sunrise book."