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The English anthology

Joseph Ritson (Editor), Thomas Stothard (Illustrator), Charles Clarke (Printer), Thomas and John Egerton (Firm) (Bookseller)
"A selection of English poetry, in a chronological series, from the beginning of the sixteenth century (or, including an extract from Chaucer, from the latter part of the fourteenth) to the present time, upon a plan hitherto unattempted, at least in this country. ... No alteration (except in apparent mistakes) has been attempted either in the language or in the orthography, as as little as possible even in the punctuation, of the edition followed ... nor has any piece been inserted which had already appeared in "A Select Collection of English Songs," published in 1783"--Advertisement
Print Book, English, MDCCXCIII-MDCCXCIV [1793-1794]
Printed by C. Clarke, for T. and J. Egerton, Whitehall, London, MDCCXCIII-MDCCXCIV [1793-1794]