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221 one-minute monologues for women

Print Book, English, 2006
Smith and Kraus, Hanover, NH, 2006
xiii, 290 pages ; 20 cm.
9781575254012, 1575254018
Classical monologues. As you like it / William Shakespeare
The Beaux' strategem / George Farquhar
The clandestine marriage / George Coleman, David Garrick
The comedy of errors / William Shakespeare
The constant couple / Thomas Farquar
Danton's death / Georg Büchner, trans. Henry J. Schmidt
The double inconstancy / Pierre Carlet de Chamblain Marivaux, trans. Stephen Wadsworth
Emily climbs / L.M. Montgomery
Enemies / Maxim Gorky
Hamlet / William Shakespeare
Ivanov / Anton Chekhov, trans. Mason W. Cartwright
A journey to London / John Vanbrugh
Julius Caesar ; King Henry IV, part 1 ; King John (2) ; King Lear ; King Richard III (2) / William Shakespeare
The Lanchashire witches / Thomas Shadwell
Leves amores / Katherine Mansfield
Little women / Louisa May Alcott
Love in a village / Isaac Bickerstaff
A midsummer night's dream (4) / William Shakespeare
The misanthrope (2) / Molière, trans. Hal Gelb
Much ado about nothing ; Othello ; Pericles / William Shakespeare
The prince of Parthia / Thomas Godfrey
The rebellion / Thomas Rawlins
The relapse / John Vanbrugh
A room with a view / E.M. Forster
The rover / Aphra Behn
The ruddigore, or The witch's curse / William Schwenk Gilbert
The sack of Rome / Mercy Otis Warren
The sea gull (2) / Anton Chekhov, trans. Mason W. Cartwright
Sonnet XVIII ; Sonnet XXX / William Shakespeare
Sudden light / Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Titus Andronicus (2) / William Shakespeare
The tragedy of Jane Shore / Nicholas Rower
Twelfth night / William Shakespeare
The two noble kinsmen (2) / William Shakespeare, John Fletcher
Uncle Vanya (2) / Anton Chekhov, trans. Marian Fell
The wild duck / Henrik Ibsen. Contemporary monologues. 2.5 minute ride / Lisa Kron
After math / Jonathan Dorf
The air that I breathe / Theresa Carilli
Alchemy of desire/dead man's blues (2) / Caridad Svich
All stories are true / John Edgar Wideman
American standard / Jonathan Joy
And by his hand, lightning / Amy Unsworth
And now a word from our sponsor / Clinton A. Johnston
And the winner is / David-Matthew Barnes
Angry young man / Daniel Trujillo
Animal husbandry / Laura Zigman
Anne / Adam Szymkowicz
Approximating mother / Kathleen Tolan
At swim, two boys / Jamie O'Neill
At the salon / Maureen A. Connolly
Autumn come early / William J. Burns
Baby in the basement / David-Matthew Barnes
The beard of Avon / Amy Freed
Bee-luther-hatchee (2) / Thomas Gibbons
Big boy /Theresa M. Carilli
Bit-butt girls, hard-headed women / Rhodessa Jones
Bird germs / Eric R. Pfeffinger
The blacks : a clown show / Jean Genet, trans. Bernard Frechtman
Blanca / Danny Hoch
Bookends / Jonathan Dorf
Broken eggs / Eduardo Machado
Caitlyn / Steve Mitchell
Carrie / Steve Lyons
Cat on a hot tin roof (2) / Tennessee Williams
Charming Billy / Alice McDermott
Cheater catchers / Elizabeth L. Farris
Cher's fat lesbian daughter / Antay Bilgutay
Circus schism / Arthur Jolly
Conditional commitment / Terese Pampellonne
Corn, hogs, and Indians / Avanti A. Pradhan
Crimes of the heart / Beth Henley
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time / Mark Haddon
Currents / Roger Nieboer
Curse of the starving class / Sam Shepard
A day at the beach / Beth Sager
Dear Chuck / Jonathan Dorf
Distance / Grace Paley
Docent / R.T. Smith
The doomsday club / Terese Pampellonne
Drinking and diving / David Epstein
Eloise & Ray / Stephanie Fleischmann
Erratica / Reina Hardy
Father's day / Oliver Hailey
Faye / Rob Matsushita
The feast of love / Charles Baxter
The fish bowl / Jocelyn Hughes
Freshwater : a comedy / Virginia Woolf
Fur / Migdalia Cruz
Give it up / Norman A. Bert
Goodnight Desdemonda (Good morning Juliet) / Ann-Marie MacDonald
Handler / Robert Schenkkan
Hate mail / Kira Obolensky, Bill Corbett
Have mercy / Hope McIntyre
Herbert III / Ted Shine
Horrible child / Lawrence Krauser
House hunting / Henry W. Kimmel
The house of yes / Wendy McLeod
How I learned to drive (2) / Paula Vogel
The hummingbird play / Leslie Bramm
Hunter! / Nuba-Harold Stuart
Hurlyburly / David Rabe
I am what I am / Aurora Levi Morales, Rosario Morales
If you went missing / Kelly DuMar
Imagine this / Alexander Speer
In a groove / Ryunosuke Akutagawa, trans. Takashi Kojima
Keely and Du / Jane Martin
Ladyhouse blues / Kevin O'Morrison
Learning curves / Allyson Currin
A lesbian appetite / Dorothy Allison
Lesbians who kill / Peggy Shaw, Deborah Margolin, Lois Weaver
LGA-ORD / Ian Frazier
Liar / Brian Drader
Lily Dale / Horton Foote
Listening / Edward Albee
Lizabeth : the caterpillar story / John Edgar Wideman
The marriage of Bette and Boo / Christopher Durang
Mines / Susan Straight
The Morgan yard / Kevin O'Morrison
My father's girlfriend / Irene Ziegler
My girlish days / Karen L.B. Evans
My left breast / Susan Miller
Never kick a man when he's down / Norman A. Bert, Deb Bert
Night luster / Laura Harrington
'Night, mother / Marsha Norman
No know country / Steven Schutzman
The Norbals / Brian Drader
Normalcy / Don Nigro
Not about nightingales / Tennessee Williams
Notes form the edge Conference / Roy Blount Jr
Number / David J. LeMaster
Olivia / Dorothy Strachey
One-dimensional person / Jason Milligan
The one-eyed guru / Andrew Biss
The oxcart / René Marqués
Patient A / Lee Blessing
The patron saint of Jello (2) / Nell Grantham
Patter for the floating lady / Steven Martin
Perfect body / Cynthia Meier
Personal history / Dominic Taylor
The piano lesson / August Wilson
Population growth / Aoise Stratford
The primary English class (2) / Israel Horovitz
A private practise (2) / Andrew Biss
Rat Bohemia / Sarah Schulman
Rats / Migdalia Cruz
Renea / Theresa Carilli
The right to bare arms (and asses) / Elizabeth Wong
Rights wronged / Roger Nieboer
Romance / Barbara Lhota
Roosters / Milcha Sanchez-Scott
A Russian play / Don Nigro
Sans-Culottes in the promised land / Kirsten Greenidge
Scatsong / Ernest Slyman
Schoolgirl figure / Wendy MacLeod
Self defense, or death of some salesmen (2) / Carson Kreitzer
Serial monogamy / Alison Bechdel
Sexual perversity in Chicago / David Mamet
Silent heroes / Linda Escalera Baggs
Small domestic acts (3) / Joan Lipkin
So this is life? / Erin Brodersen
The speed of darkness (2) / Steve Tesich
Split britches / Peggy Shaw / Deborah Margolin, Lois Weaver
Storage / Lisa Samra
Straight stitching / Shirley Barrie
A streetcar named desire / Tennessee Williams
Stuck rubber baby / Howard Cruse
The suitor's ward / Clay McLeod Chapman
Table of discontents / Nina Kossman
Taking side / Clinton A. Johnston
Tammy / Rob Matsushita
This wakeful night a/ Rosary O[Neill
'Tis better / Clinton A. Johnston
Tomboy / Roger Nieboer
The trophy room (2) / Hilly Hicks, Jr
Tumor / Shelia Callaghan
Twirler / Jane Martin
Two rooms / Lee Blessing
Vanishing Marion / Jeanmarie Williams
Vent / Sean Patrick Doyle
Viral soup / Antay Bilgutay
Volar / Judith Ortiz Cofer
War of the buttons / Jonathan Dorf
Waving good-bye / Jamie Pachino
We were the Mulvaneys / Joyce Carol Oates
What a thought / Shirley Jackson
Where men are empty overcoats / Eric R. Pfeffinger
The Winkleigh murders / Don Nigro
Winner of the National Book award : a novel of fame, honor, and really bad weather / Jincy Willett
A woman of wealth / Stephanie Maari Booker
Women of a certain age / John Paul Porter
Your place or mine / Le Wilhelm
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