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Reservoir Analysis Model for Battlefield Operations

This report documents the development of a new analysis procedure which can be utilized by Army field commands to incorporate reservoir drawdown planning considerations into battlefield assessments. An overview illustrating the impacts of hydrology on the battlefield is presented initially to highlight the importance of induced flooding operations on military strategy and tactics. The Reservoir Analysis Model for Battlefield Operations (RAMBO) concept is then examined in detail utilizing a series of summary tables and stepwise guides; these procedures incorporate military requirements, hydrologic modeling and statistical analysis techniques into a comprehensive planning process. A case study approach is then employed to demonstrate the utility of the RAMBO analysis procedures for conducting a reservoir drawdown study in a military theater of operation. Six drawdown strategies are evaluated for the Han River Basin in Korea. Artificial intelligence techniques are then examined highlighting the use of expert systems for Military Hydrology applications, specifically the reservoir drawdown problem
eBook, English, MAY 1989
Defense Technical Information Center, Ft. Belvoir, MAY 1989