Front cover image for Black rainbow : legends of the Incas and myths of ancient Peru

Black rainbow : legends of the Incas and myths of ancient Peru

"An anthology of twenty myths and legends, gathered from the sixteenth-century chronicles of missionaries and conquistadores and from the reports of folklorists working in remote villages of the Andes. The creation of the world, the rise of the Inca empire, the great wars of expansion, omens of doom, and the Spanish Conquest are among the themes woven into these stories, many of which are here translated into English for the first time."--Jacket flap
Print Book, English, 1976
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 1976
Children's nonfiction
131 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780374308292, 0374308292
Introduction: The Inca land and Inca culture. Religion in ancient Peru. Designing the world. Inca history. Literature. The myth of Coniraya and Cahuillaca
Legends of the Incas: The rod of gold. Mayta Capac. The storm. The vanishing bride. A messenger in black. The oracle at Huamachuco. The llama herder and the daughter of the sun
A latter-day legend: Utca Paucar
Myths of ancient Peru: Viracocha. Coniraya and Cahuillaca. The macaw woman
Myths that have survived: The serpent. The condor seeks a wife. The rainbow. The boy who rose to the sky
Modern fables and animal tales: The moth. Why the fox has a huge mouth. The dancing fox. The mouse husband. The grateful dove