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Globalization and human security

"This concise text presents an introduction to the concept of human security. Questioning the utility of traditional national-security frameworks in the post-Cold War era, Paul Battersby and Joseph Siracusa argue that we must urgently reconsider the principle of state sovereignty in a global world where threats to humanity are beyond the capacity of any one nation to address through unilateral action." "The authors highlight circumstances, actors, and influences beyond the traditional focus on state security, especially the role of international organizations and nongovernmental organizations. They also emphasizes the importance of human rights, arguing for the development of an effective intervention capacity to protect individuals from state action as well as other security threats arising from conflict, poverty, disease, and environmental degradation. A welcome alternative to state-centric approaches to security, this balanced book will be a valuable supplement for courses in international and national security."--Jacket
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Rowman & Littlefield Pub., Lanham, ©2009
xii, 252 pages ; 23 cm
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Globalizing national security : envisioning security beyond the nation-state
The alchemy of peace : elementary studies on humans and security
"Black Hawk down" : the limits of intervention
A global web of risk : complex crises in a globally networked world
Human rights and human security : pragmatic perspectives on human rights
Averting nuclear Armageddon : reality checks and nuclear balances
Roadmaps and roadblocks : securing humanity in the twenty-first century