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Bezmiar sprawiedliwości

Wiesław Saniewski (Screenwriter, Director), Jan Frycz (Actor), Bożena Stachura (Actor), Robert Olech (Actor), Jan Englert (Actor), Artur Barciś (Actor), Artur Żmijewski (Actor), Danuta Stenka (Actor), Robert Gonera (Actor), Maciej Muraszko (Composer)
A young lawyer is questioning whether his chosen profession is what he wants to do with his life so his father sends him to a colleague who tell him a story about a possible injustice in the past where a man was convicted of murder with no evidence. The story intrigues the young man and he decides to investigate it on his own
DVD Video, Polish, [2008?]
Kino Świat, Warszawa, [2008?]