Front cover image for Technology and the wealth of nations : the dynamics of constructed advantage

Technology and the wealth of nations : the dynamics of constructed advantage

Distills the vast quantity of information on technical change and industrial innovation down to a few analytical principles that should enable the reader to understand the factors of technological competitiveness and the links between scientific and technical dynamics and the wealth of nations.
Print Book, English, 1993
Pinter ; Distributed exclusively in the U.S. and Canada by St. Martin's Press, London, New York, 1993
x, 406 : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781855670822, 1855670828
Foreword / Robert Chabbal and Jean Guinet
General Introduction / D. Foray
I. The Sources of Localized Learning and the Science-Technology Interface
Introduction / C. Freeman
1. What do firms learn from basic research? / K. Pavitt
2. The dynamics of competition in a science-based technology: the case of biotechnology / L. Orsenigo
3. Technological learning, economic networks and innovation appropriability / P. Cohendet, J.-A. Heraud and E. Zuscovitch
4. Technological systems and economic performance: the diffusion of factory automation in Sweden / B. Carlsson and S. Jacobson
II. The Models Revolution: Cumulative Learning, Irreversibility and Diversity of Trajectories
Introduction / R. Boyer
5. The micro foundations of competitiveness and their macroeconomic implications / F. Chiaromonte and G. Dosi
6. Towards a theory of the creation of technology as an out-of-equilibrium process / J.L. Gaffard
7. A model of growth through creative destruction / P. Aghion and P. Howitt
8. National effects of learning, international specialization and growth paths / B. Amable
III. Networking and Convergence
Introduction / D. Foray
9. The dynamics of technological interrelatedness: the case of information and communication technologies / C. Antonelli
10. Path-dependence and predictability in dynamic systems with local network externalities: a paradigm for historical economics / P.A. David
11. Variety and irreversibility in networks of technique conception and adoption / M. Callon
IV. Institutional and Technological Change: The Importance of Diversity
Introduction / A. Sorge
12. User
producer relationships, national systems of innovation and internationalization / B.A. Lundvall
13. Variation among nations in the logic of manufacturing sectors and international competitiveness / R. Hollingsworth
14. The revival of prosperity in industrial economies: technological trajectories, organizational structure, competivity / M.J. Piore
15. Studied trust: building new forms of cooperation in a volatile economy / C.F. Sabel
16. Work organization, technical progress and culture / S. Watanabe
17. Skill flexibility, labour market structure, training systems and competitiveness / D. Marsden
Conclusions / C. Freeman and L. Soete